Etymologically, Gnosis is a word of Greek origin meaning KNOWLEDGE, wisdom of all that exists within the infinite cosmos.


The word Gnosis is found in scientific terminology in diagnosis, that is, clear , deep, profound knowledge of something that is studied or researched.


The ancients left us the wisdom of signs, i.e. keys, symbols, whoever held the key, that is the Gnosis, reached the hidden knowledge of the secret doctrine handed down in hieroglyphics, rites, monuments, myths and legends.


Gnosis is the transcendental knowledge of man and the universe, verifiable in a direct and personal way by the faculties of cognition of the Self (high capacities of consciousness).


It is a universal doctrine that aims intimate self-realization of Being, that is, the harmonious development of all human faculties and infinite possibilities .


Wherever there is longing or a spiritual restlessness; wherever someone wonders, Who am I?, Where do I come from?, Where am I going to?, Why do I exist?, Why do I live?, What is the purpose of my existence?... There is Gnosis!


This is the reason why Great Masters of mankind tell us that Gnosis is the source of all wisdom; it is science and synthesis.